Harold's project from 2/28/15

Various parts I have machined
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  • 40588cebaa9c8b576c0e11b6bb4d84b0
    Different view
  • 8cac44e60e98762e00885e471ce50175
    Finished crankshaft
  • 3f226201478e935b916c18c698eb3477
    Machining brass nuts
  • E8088b0e71792fc281135d360e94de00
    Made 75 on an okuma lathe. Using live tooling
  • Cc7c51604dbf3cd77e3e6ecb69d9c953
    Different view of the rivet part
  • 645fd53958be237f9cea01e1ced33e92
    Saw guide parts. Machined 300 of them on an okuma mill
  • 9a84d13d635c405eeedad1537b8eee72
    Rivet tooling
  • 649a69e1699f6f769936b5d4100654e3
    Boring on a horizontal boring mill
  • C91bf04db161165814af348b51439983
    Squaring a block
  • Ac7bed0e374bdb52684930ff4d95ca5e
    Turning the shaft
  • Dcc58abb726a073dcf535ed5eed600a4
    Cutting dovetails